What to Do If Your Pet is Unwell

What to Do If Your Pet is Unwell

Three ways that a vet can treat your dog's arthritis

by Zoey Warren

If your vet has diagnosed your dog with arthritis, there are several treatment options which may offer. Read on to learn more about how a vet is likely to treat this condition.

They may prescribe medication

There are several types of medication which your vet may prescribe for your dog. First and foremost, they will probably offer something to help ease your pet's pain; in most cases, the medication offered for this purpose will be analgesics.

Additionally, your vet may recommend that your dog take a course of steroids. Steroids are highly effective at reducing inflammation (one of the key problems associated with arthritis). However, steroids can only be taken for short periods of time, as they can have serious long-term side effects, including liver damage and diabetes.

The vet might also advise you to give your dog hyaluronic acid capsules; these can help to protect your pet's cartilage from further damage and thus slow down the progression of the disease.

Finally, the vet may instruct you to purchase some fish oil capsules for your pet, as these contain omega-3 fatty acids, which research has shown can reduce inflammation in animals.

They may recommend that your pet lose weight 

There are certain things that might be exacerbating your dog's condition. If this is the case, your vet may recommend that you make a few changes to your dog's lifestyle to reduce their pain levels.

For example, it is widely known that excess body weight can worsen the symptoms of arthritis. In addition to placing extra pressure on your pet's inflamed joints, excess weight can also increase their overall inflammation levels.

As such, if your pet is heavier than they should be, your vet might recommend that you take them out for extra walks and reduce their daily caloric intake, in order to help them reach a healthier weight.

They may offer stem cell therapy

Most of the methods and medications that vets use to treat arthritis in dogs are designed to manage and slow down the progression of the condition. In most cases, arthritis will eventually completely destroy all of a dog's cartilage, leaving the animal struggling to stand, walk or run without experiencing extreme pain.

One treatment method which aims to halt the disease in its tracks is stem cell therapy through places like Greenside Regenerative Therapies. As the term itself suggests, this type of treatment aims to use stem cells (inactive, generic cells found in the body, which can be transformed into almost any other kind of cell) to rebuild a dog's lost cartilage and thus prevent the condition from having any further impact on their mobility levels.


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What to Do If Your Pet is Unwell

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